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Verbal abuse from husband

My husband and I have been married for 4 and half years now and we have a two year old. In the beginning of our marriage he found out that I had an ex by forcing me to tell him, as he saw me talking to a male colleague at 11 pm over phone(who was at UK at the time). His logic was if I’m so comfortable talking to male colleagues at that time I must have had an affair before marriage. He forced me to tell him and like a truthful idiot I did. And it pissed him off that I had not told this to him before marriage. But we became fine a few weeks after that. I was also doubtful that he too had an affair before marriage but he never confirmed. Anyway a year passed. We had a kid. After this our differences kept increasing. In between all this he started planning on getting into my dad’s business. My dad said that he is not currently ready to trust anyone else in the business for now. After my delivery he kept insisting that I stay with his parents in our native and he wants to stay alone in Bangalore so that he can be free and peaceful. These are his words. He says he can’t take care of a baby. So I should not come back till our daughter is old enough to talk. I refused and came back even though his parents tried to make me stay with them. After I came back he started using abusive words on me at first for silly reasons. As months passed by I went into depression. And consulted a psychologist who asked me to bring him if possible. He made fun of it and teased me about it with his mother and did not agree to come. As the months passed I got back into my job. He started to get more angry as he started to feel that he is not getting any time to relax after coming from work. He started to use abusive words on our daughter when she cried. I couldn’t take it anymore and have left and come to my parents house. My parents do not want me to go back. But he keeps insisting that we can make it alright. I am not sure about what to do. Been to a counselor. She has asked me to bring him. I doubt that he will agree. I don’t know if I should give him a chance again. I have given him lots of chances but he went back to his old behaviour. The only difference is this time I left him and came to my parents house . This can make him angry too. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry for such a long explanation.


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