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The Importance of Vaccines

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want your child to be happy, healthy and safe. You can give your child so many things but one of the best things that you can ever give them in life is protection from deadly illnesses. You can do this by vaccinating your child. One expert said “If there was a magic potion that would protect your child from deadly diseases, a potion proven to be effective and safe, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to give it to him? Immunisation is that magic potion”.

Here are a few reasons why vaccinations are so important for our children:

1. What can happen if you don’t vaccinate your child?

Without vaccinations, your child can catch infections that can cause a range of symptoms, some life damaging and life threatening – breathing problems, brain injury, deaf, blind, paralysis, death.
Every disease is different but if you vaccinate your child, you are minimalising the risk of them catching a destructive illness.

2. You can protect children who are unable to get vaccinated

If you have a baby at home that is too young to receive certain vaccinations or you have a child that cannot have them due to a medical illness then it is extremely important that all the family members in the house are immunised.
Some children around the world don’t have the ‘luxury’ of vaccinations. If your child gets sick from an illness which is preventable, this is a risk to other children. It is important to try our best to prevent the spread of diseases.

3. Illnesses have been wiped out

Thanks to immunisations, illnesses which (not too long ago) killed hundreds and thousands of children have decreased or been irradicated all together. The amount of vaccines have subsequently reduced because of this. For example, the smallpox vaccine eradicated the decease worldwide. Today your child does not need this vaccine as the threat of illness is no longer there.

4. Vaccinations are safe and effective

Vaccinations are given to children only after long and careful studies by doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals. Before they are administered to you child, they have been tested for years to make sure they are safe and effective.

5. Vaccinations can save your family time and money

A child who catches a disease which can be vaccine prevented can often have prolonged disabilities or illness. This can take a financial (as well as emotional) toll on the parents due to lost time at work, medical bills and even long term medical care. Giving your child a vaccine is another form of insuring them for life against such illnesses.

6. Vaccines are mandatory in some environments

A lot of schools these days have a vaccination policy. They like children to be up to date with their immunisations so they know that each child is protected and to ultimately prevent the spread of disease. A child who has not had a vaccination against a preventable disease can be denied attendance at school. This can have an impact on your child’s education, as well as being emotionally damaging for them.

7. Vaccines can protect the future generations

As I mentioned above, many diseases that could have disabled or even killed children a few decades ago, have decreased or been eradicated due to vaccines. If we continue vaccinating, children in the future will not face the diseases that we have today.

8. Side effects are very rare

Serious side effects after a vaccination don’t happen very often. Vaccines are uncomfortable for children but only for a short period of time. They may also cause a little bit of redness and swelling at the injection site but this discomfort is very minimal compared to the discomfort, pain and trauma of a disease. The prevention of disease and its benefits weighs greater than the possible side effects of the vaccine for the majority of the world’s children.

Many parents in the world still choose not to vaccinate their child/children purely because they fear the effects of the vaccine or they have faith that their child may never fall sick. Horror stories have been flying around for years about the damaging effects of vaccines but before you believe these stories/statements, please do your research. It is important to remember that vaccines are important for ALL children, not just our own. If some children that are not vaccinated get sick, they have the risk of spreading further disease to other children around the world. Why would we want to reverse this medical phenomenon when the fact is that immunisation has saved more children’s lives than any other medical advance.

The Importance of Vaccinations Summary:
1. Vaccinations are safe and effective.
2. Without vaccinations, your child is at risk of catching infections and life threatening diseases.
3. You can protect children who are unable to get vaccinated.
4. Vaccinations help reduce and even eradicate dangerous diseases which will have an impact on our future generations.

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