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Teacher’s complaint

Hi Everyone, today I went to pick up my daughter from school. As I am working, I rarely get chances of picking her up. I have my parents staying with me. Usually my father picks up her from school. Since my father is out of station today I picked her up. It reminded me of my school days n reviving my happy days in school. Soon I saw my daughter coming with her bag trying to spot me from the crowd. She saw me and happily waving her hand n me in mixed emotions went to pick her. The teacher asked me to wait so that she wanted to say something. I waited and she told mam she s not writing n not done her homework. I came late yesterday due to lot of work from office. I checked with my husband n he said she s done with her homework. But today wen I heard from her teacher that she had not done, I was confused. We already had a meeting with her teacher before, she reiterated that she s not writing anything. She said you make her write in home. We do make all efforts to make her write at home. She s writing at home. Today I felt sad that again n again I’m hearing from her teacher that she’s not writing anything. There were other parents too who was standing amidst us. I’m really feeling bad why is it that every time I’m hearing complaints from her teacher. When I discussed with other parents they r advising that include everthing as part of life n do this n that. I feel nowadays kids are bombarded with too much of portions. Kids are loosing their playful time. Why do we create stressful atmosphere now itself. I’m heavy hearted now and getting angry why it s a complaint on my kid always. What should I do? My husband is like all schools are like this ignore it. I feel very offended.

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