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Sound Safari

Giving your child a variety of sounds to hear when they are young are the hallmarks of teaching them spoken language. Listening to sounds is a normal language acquisition in early learning and first steps in early vocabulary development. When children hear a variety of things, they begin to match sounds with objects, people and animals.

I have come up with a fun game called “Sound Safari”. You can play it with a toddler who is learning new words and new sounds and you can play it with older children too who are able to write down what they hear. It is a wonderful game for children of all ages!

You first need to make your sound chart. You need to make this chart to fit in with the age of your child. If you have a small child, it is a good idea to draw a picture along with the sound like this chart below:

If your child can write themselves, then you can give them a blank chart like this:

When your charts are ready, go listening! You will be surprised at the number of sounds you hear which you don’t normally notice in everyday life.
When your small child identifies something on their list, they can tick it off. Encourage them to make the sound they hear. Talk about the object or animal it comes from. You can then develop this conversation and talk about each item in more detail.
If you have an older child that is writing their chart on their own, ask questions. If they hear a bird, ask them what kind of bird do they think it is? You can talk about different sounds from the same animal.
If your child hears a car honking, ask them why they think it is honking?
This is a wonderful activity for your child’s senses and cognitive development. It gets them thinking, asking and answering.

Here are my children’s charts after our Sound Safari:

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