This Is My Story


Something inside is telling me to get this out although it is hard to explain.
In the light of the #metoo movement, I can say that I have been sexually harassed by two super stars (nearly raped by one). At the time I told someone who I looked up to, who i thought would help but their reply to me was “there is no point in telling anyone, Noone will believe you. They are also so rich and famous that they will destroy you”. After this I locked in my secret and have never told anyone until now. I don’t think I will ever reveal my secret publicly and many of you May ask why? The simple reason is I’m too scared. I’m too scared to raise my voice and I’m too scared of the consequences. The women that speak out are unbelievably brave and we should lift them up and shower them with support, not mock them. Only the women who have suffered sexual harassment know the damaging impacts it has on you so please don’t think every story that comes out after a long period of time is a lie or a cry for attention. It might be a long tine after the incident to speak out but They May just have been given the courage and support to speak out now which they couldn’t do before.

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