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Life issues

Hi I can’t write my problems but yes in short I can so please give genuine advice..i married to a guy since 10yrs,he is uneducated which I got to know 2 yrs back,m dr by profession but couldn’t practice till now bcz he kept on changing city n in 10yrs i changed 7 cities bcz he loose jobs everytime n end up with new job in new living like hippies,no social life,no family,no stable job..his family background is poor that since marriage till now they didn’t have single penny,my marriage was also set by my question will come y my parents made me to marry him..just bcz he is also for same caste n they know him since long n most important he was ready to get marry without even drowry…for that mistake they still in guilt,but suffering is mine n for my 7 yrs old kid..he dnt have future n he will b always depend on me for earning is not even sufficient for monthly mom gives my son school fees..we are not into sexual relationship also since 6 yrs n sleeping in different rooms .i really want to divorce him but no courage..i feel like m now 35 n what new i can start..m into physical, emotional, financial and more stress..he is not working since 6 month no planning to set business too.i feel like to suicide bcz of this as my parents are against son future is dark,how long my parents can support us financially.please no argument only supportive reply I am expecting.

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