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Leaf Printing

This activity can be done with a child as soon as they can hold a crayon. This is an easy activity and fun for your child as they get to go outside and explore. For the activity your child needs to collect leaves for their picture.
Encourage your child to look for a variety of leaves and ask as many questions as possible. It will help develop your child’s thinking skills and in the process they will learn about trees.

• Is that big or small?
• What sort of shape is it?
• What are the sides like?
• What does it feel like?
• What colour is it?
• What tree is it from?
• Does it smell of anything?
• What are the lines that run through it?
• What are leaves for?
• How do plants grow?
• Do leaves change colour?
• Do they fall off the tree?

Once your child has collected their leaves, they can start with their picture.


1. Paper
2. Leaves

3. Crayons – Try to use the big, thick long crayons. If the crayons have paper on them, remove the paper, as we need to use the side of the crayon for the colouring.

How to Make:

1. Put the chosen leaf/leaves on the table and place the paper onto of them.

2. Get your child to rub the paper with the side of the crayon. You will be able to see the leaf print come through.


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