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Don’t Quit But Definitely Pause!

Travel, Travel Often with your child. Pause or Quit just escape to the mountains, valleys, hills wherever you are just yourself with your soul mate and your child. After having spent glorious two months on road trips. I have understood the importance of I, me, myself.
Rian, my son was a late talker. These travels, spending time amidst nature has help him to understand things which are beyond the capacity of closed class rooms.
Our recent trip was from Bangalore – Hyderabad – Vishakapatnam – Puri- Kolkata (visit to maternal Grand mom) – Bhutan – Nepal-Rishikesh-Delhi (paternal grandfather) and finally back to Pavillion.
Yes, 30 long days of travel. Mind you it’s road travel by bus, hitch hiking and every thing adventurous.
These 30 days have made him wiser (maybe) smarter(maybe) but definitely has filled his heart with the desire to be back to what he calls his home, desire to get back to school, desire to be amongst his friends.
So, Mumma’s when you can and if you don’t Quit but definitely take a Pause. It will help you to nourish your soul and everything else will be nourished!

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