This Is My Story


Hi All,
I am highly distressed. My first marriage did not last for more than a year as my husband was impotent. We settled it mutually in the court. Got into second love marriage where I had high expectations my world became hell as I was mentally and physically tortured by husband and inlaws. I have initiated things legally. I am into a live in relationship with my partner along with his parents. I am disappointed as he promised me that his parents will take care of my baby with second husband. They are totally unware of my life all this while. I see differences where they are involved in their commitments and life and may not be able to take care of baby for long time. Keeping his parents may not work out for a long time. We have different shifts and may not be able to take care of baby in the morning. I leave to office early morning. Please provide some leads on nannies to take care of my child. Please do not judge me by my story. I have mentioned all the details in a nutshell. Thank you for your time.

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