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Health and Wellness

Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is scaly yellow or brown patches that often appear on the scalps of young babies. It’s thought that cradle cap happens as a result of hormones left in your baby’s body from pregnancy. These stimulate secretions from the oil glands in the skin, making the skin cells on your baby’s head stick to the scalp.

With some children (quite rare), it can also effect their face, ears, neck, genitals behind the knees and armpits. The scales often flake and this can make the effected area look red and sore. It is often mistaken as an allergy or a signal of poor hygiene but neither of these are true.

How to treat Cradle Cap:

• Apply baby oil to the effected area.
• Regularly wash your babies head with mild baby shampoo.
• After the bath, gently brush the scales with a soft brush to loosen them.

These secretions reduce in the weeks and months after birth. The cradle cap should clear up within this time for most children but if it persists and spreads, swells or bleeds, then consult your paediatrician.

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