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Animal/Insect Safari

This is a great activity which combines maths and science together and a wonderful opportunity for the children to go outside and explore!

The aim of the activity is for your child/children to count how many animals/creepy crawlies they can find.
You can do this with any child – A baby who is just learning about sounds and noises, right up to children who can read and write on their own.

1. Make a chart

You can make the chart in different ways depending on the age of your child. If your child is little and cannot draw or write yet, then you can make a checklist for them like this:

If you have an older child who can write, you can give them a blank list of which they can fill in themselves like this:

2. Take your child outside and let them explore

Every time they see a creature/animal that is on their list, they can tick it off or write it down. This is wonderful for younger children to develop their exploration and thinking skills. It is also good for them to identify different animals and learn about their habitats.

With your child you can discuss:
• What the animal/Creature looks like
• How many legs/wings they have
• What noise they make
• What they feel like if you touch them?
• Where do they live?
• What do they eat?
• Can they be pets?
• Are they a wild animal?
• Are they big or small?

3. The final checklist should look something this:

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