Parenting, This Is My Story

A Mothers Faith Moved Mountains

I have heard the words ‘unprecedented times’ frequently since March 2020 due to the unfortunate COVID – 19 pandemic we are all a part of. What started off as a week-long peaceful vacation with his doting grandparents turned out to be a roller coaster ride for a 4-year-old and we truly saw unprecedented events unfold before us.

I opened a twitter account on Sunday, April 12th and in a state of desperation tweeted to the CM of Goa for help. I thought I am being unreasonable but the thought of bringing my child back kept me going.

Kind personnel from the media, the authorities from the Collectors office and DGP Goa contacted me and explained the protocol that needed to be followed. They assured me of a hassle-free transition for my child. With the apprehension of the extension of the lockdown, I approached the local police in Bengaluru to help me reunite with my son who was away from both parents for 4 weeks. I was guided extremely well with the procedures and morally supported by the authorities in Bengaluru

Where fear ends, faith begins and with that thought, my husband and I drove from South Bengaluru to the Goa border and we waited anxiously at the border where we were warmly welcomed by the authority in charge. Once my son (along with his paternal grandparents) arrived from North Goa to the border, we completed all the health checks and formalities and headed back to Bengaluru. A distance of approximately 1200 kms from Bengaluru to Goa border and back was covered in a day.

As a member of the general public, my impression of the police was a fearful one but this experience has exposed me to a human and compassionate side of the police that we so often take for granted and undervalue. 

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank all the police officers in Bengaluru and Goa who helped us get our son and parents back safely. A huge shoutout to the social media community that brought my plight to the attention of the right people. And appreciation of our close family and friends who were worried about our journey but kept their prayers going for our safe passage.

Lastly, I would like to advise everyone to stay safe and follow the guidelines prescribed by the government.  We will get through this trying time together!

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