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    Nisha Millet – Olympian, Coach, Successful Entrepreneur and Super Mum!

    I have always looked up to Nisha with admiration. I admire her talent as a swimmer and her success as an Indian Olympian. I admire her dedication and work ethic. I love her academy (my children learnt to swim with her) and I admire her as an athlete. She manages to do SO much and still be a phenomenal mother. Nisha is another woman that demonstrates hard work and proves that with a determined attitude and a bit of grit, success will prevail. She is a real super woman!

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  • Health and Wellness

    My life in 2020

    I wanted to write a blog today for two reasons: 1: to get some things off my chest and 2: to give other Mums on this platform a space to talk about the past year.

    Many mothers experienced a profound shift in their lives, well beyond the mere loss of their routines when the world began to grapple with the pandemic. Some of these shifts I have enjoyed and some I have hated.

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  • Parenting

    How do I stop being a nagging, miserable Mum?

    By the end of 2019, I felt like the nagging Mum of the year! All I did from morning to night was ask my kids to do things which they generally never did the first time so I ended up nagging, whining or shouting at them to do it! Our day would start with beautiful good mornings and then we would move onto…… “please drink water”, “brush your teeth”, “wash your face”, “lift the loo seat”, “flush the loo”, “get dressed”, “pack your school bags”, “put on your shoes”, “turn off the lights”, “close the door”, “stop fighting!” and “hurry up!!” (just to mention a few…) and then school starts………

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  • Health and Wellness

    Tips to protect your child from air pollution

    We have all become well aware of the air pollution situation in Delhi. Due to the the change in wind direction and rampant stubble burning in neighbouring states within 24 hours the pollution has become so severe that the residents are living in a thick haze. According to experts newborns in Delhi are breathing in air that is equivalent to smoking 25 cigarettes!

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  • Education/Development, Parenting

    Tips on how to be your Childs Superhero

    Most people in this world have someone they look up to and admire. It could be someone famous, a friend or a relative. You could admire so many people, there are no limits. However one of the most natural instincts of a human is to want to look up and admire your parents and for a parent, all you want to do is set a good example to your child so they see you as their role model.

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